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WordPress SEO – Canonical URLs

Hello I am going to teach a small part of wordpress search engine optimization (SEO) called canonical URLs. It will help you increase your site rank in at least google search engine. Canonical URLs Canonical URLs are URLs that are considered to be authentic and authoritative for...

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Greeting card using tQuery

Have you heard of tQuery? If no then don’t worry,it’s nothing but an extension of three.js combined with jQuery.So if you know how to play with jQuery and three.js,it’s easy to play with tQuery rather i would say it’s much easier then both of it. I...

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Introduction to HTML5 Canvas

HTML5 emerged with many new element like <video>, <audio>, <canvas> and many new input-types ( like email, date etc. ) which enriched web pages beyond our imagination. HTML5 made itself programmable API so we can make webpage dynamic without needing Flash animation. We will discuss...

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