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Introduction to HTML5 Canvas

by: Vivek Marakana

HTML5 emerged with many new element like <video>, <audio>, <canvas> and many new input-types ( like email, date etc. ) which enriched web pages beyond our imagination. HTML5 made itself programmable API so we can make webpage dynamic without needing Flash animation. We will discuss about Canvas API which allows us to be an artist on webpage.

If the <video> element is the poster boy of HTML5, <canvas> element is definitely the Han Solo of HTML5. It’s one of the larger parts of the HTML5 specification, and in fact the canvas API, the 2D drawing context, has been split into a separate document, though the <canvas> element itself is still part of the official HTML5 specs.

The <canvas> element provides an API of 2D drawing – lines, fills, images, text etc etc etc…If you think back to the days of the version of MS Paint, you can imagine its functionality as Paint was build on the basis of canvas (not html canvas).You can visit Mr Doob’s Harmony Canvas Project which is more similar to basic Paint.


Like “With great power, comes great responsibility “, “With new element, comes browser problems.” Same thing applies to <canvas>. Many browser(Of course, it includes IE) does not support canvas API.I any browser does not support any element then being a web developer it’s our lawful duty to display fallback content.

To display fallback content for <canvas>, we can use this code :

   Update your browser to have fun with canvas...!!!

We ca also check for browser support using JavaScript while adding a canvas to HTML file :

   document.getElemnetById("support").innerHTML = "HTML5 canvas is supported.";
} catch(e) {
   document.getElemnetById("support").innerHTML = "HTML5 canvas is not supported by your browser.";

IE Support

If still you want to use canvas in Internet Explorer, you need to use the openproject explorercanvas.You need to include excanvas.js in webpage after checking that current browser is IE.

<!--[if IE]>
   <script src="excanvas.js"></script>

Adding Canvas to Webpage

Now we know the basic needs for canvas and how to handle browser support, so now we’ll see how to add a canvas to a webpage.Adding canvas is pretty easy.We can add it just like we add any-other element(e.g.<div>etc.).The code to add canvas will look like this :

<canvas id="pentagram" style="border:1px dotted;" width="200px" height="200px">

Here come the most interesting part of canvas API.You all will be eager to learn how to draw on canvas (It’s obvious because that’s the main thing for which we use canvas.right ?).

So let’s do something with pristine canvas. We’ll start with my favorite figure – Pentagram.We can draw a pentagran with just few lines of code like this :

function drawDiagonal() { 
   // Get the canvas element and its drawing context 
   var canvas = document.getElementById('diagonal'); 
   var context = canvas.getContext('2d'); 
   // Create a path in absolute coordinates 
   ontext.lineWidth = 4; 
   context.lineJoin = 'round'; 
   context.strokeStyle = 'green'; 
   context.moveTo(50, 140); 
   context.lineTo(100, 40);
   // Stroke the line onto the canvas 
window.addEventListener("load", drawDiagonal, true); 

Did you see that?? How easily we created a pentagram.Now just think about how you would have made it without using canvas?? Creating a pentagram in some graphic software and then save it and include it using <img> element and blah blah blah…OMG it’s so boring and it also increases load of your website.Now you would realize why i said that canvas is Han Solo.

When NOT to use canvas

I know you are wondering why not to use canvas everytime if it’s that much great..but trust me if any other default element is suffice to do any work then USE IT instead of canvas.For example, it’s a very bad idea to use canvas to draw heading dynamically.Instead of it, you should use heading elements(<h1>,<h2>,..) because they are meant for that.But we do not have any element to draw a pentagram so we have used canvas.Got it??

Now i think you got enough for canvas basics so now it’s your turn to dig more into it.I’m sure when you get enough, you will be able to make a good paint editor like SketchPad.

So best of luck guys and yeah if you want to see little demo of canvas – It’s Here…

View Demo Download Demo


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  • Here we got the 2d context of canvas API.Though 3D canvas is not officially announced but some companies have developed private 3d canvas API.I will come up with good 3D canvas tutorial soon.

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